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SAFETY. QUALITY. PEOPLE. EQUIPMENT. These are the words we focus on when presented with any challenge.

As we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, our collective thoughts are first with those on the front lines delivering essential services and bravely fighting this pandemic. Thank you.

Through this crisis, Mud Bay Drilling is cautiously continuing to support our clients while firmly following three principles:

  1. Be responsible global citizens. Meet or exceed all public health and governmental restrictions regarding safe and essential work.
  2. Ensure the health, safety, and financial well-being of our team.
  3. Safely support critical infrastructure, supply chain, and public works projects.

We are privileged to be able to continue contributing to critical and essential projects. Our people are committed to providing these services in a safe and responsible way. We have implemented rigorous HSE controls and procedures to keep our teams, clients, communities, and the public safe while meeting or exceeding all national and regional health recommendations. By working responsibly, we can protect our crews, our clients, and the general public. To learn more about the details of our COVID-19 response plan, please contact us at or click here.

This crisis is dynamic, and as it changes we must be responsive. Daily, we are facing new challenges and we are working hard to do the right thing. We believe that through collaboration with colleagues, clients, competitors and industry, we can best manage this crisis and build industry resilience – please do reach out to us. We know we will be stronger when this is done.

James Sharp,
CEO ConeTec Group


  • Deep linear overall target depth of over 220 meters (722 feet)
  • The drilling angle significantly increased the frictional resistance along the outer drill string requiring numerous override casings, from 12 inches diameter telescoping down to 5 inches (total length of all override casings deployed = 567 meters)
  • HQ coring in bedrock required high-speed coring head


  • Less than 1 degree of measured deviation along the borehole
  • Accurately identified the transition sequence and switched to the high-speed head for HQ coring in the bedrock
  • Completed the borehole with a nested VWP installation (three instruments)


  • Coarse overburden soil conditions (gravels) needed to be fully cased prior to advancing the borehole down to the PMT test zones
  • Presence of thin interbedded layers required continuous monitoring during test pocket drilling to avoid placing the PMT bladder across contrasting soils types (resulting in non-uniform bladder expansion)


  • Adjusted and refined drilling methodologies to create quality test pockets in variable soil conditions
  • Performed PMTs up to 45 meters in dept


  • Switching between drilling and testing methodologies while maintaining production and quality data collection
  • Hard pushing was required to advance the CPTu through challenging soils


  • Deployed both CPTu and eVST systems from both sonic rigs
  • Used mud rotary techniques from the sonic rig to limit disturbance prior to deploying eVST
  • Successful adaptation and utilization of custom 20-ton CPTu Ramset to any drilling unit, especially during hard pushing applications


  • Targeted CPTu and eVST within sensitive soils
  • Counter-acting the artesian flow to allow for accurate installation of filter material around screened section
  • Accurately determining pressure balance requirements for installation of hole sealing materials under artesian conditions


  • Efficiently switched between mud rotary and sonic methods to limit disturbance and collect high-quality in-situ test data
  • Adapted PVC monitoring well to relief pump to counter-balance artesian pressures


  • Target depths up to 150 meters below mudline, in up to 18 meters of tidal water conditions
  • Isolating the eVST system from the effects of tidal conditions and any barge movements
  • Optimizing CPTu production for deep soundings
  • Performing over water seismic shear wave velocity testing


  • Deployed custom CPT Ramset with through-chuck mechanism and 20-ton thrust capacity for increased CPTu production on deep soundings
  • Designed eVST isolation mounting system for performing deep tests under tidal water conditions
  • Switched mid-borehole between sonic and mud rotary methods to achieve minimal disturbance prior to Piston Shelby tube sampling in challenging soils

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