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SAFETY. QUALITY. PEOPLE. EQUIPMENT. These are the words we focus on when presented with any challenge.

As we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, our collective thoughts are first with those on the front lines delivering essential services and bravely fighting this pandemic. Thank you.

Through this crisis, Mud Bay Drilling is cautiously continuing to support our clients while firmly following three principles:

  1. Be responsible global citizens. Meet or exceed all public health and governmental restrictions regarding safe and essential work.
  2. Ensure the health, safety, and financial well-being of our team.
  3. Safely support critical infrastructure, supply chain, and public works projects.

We are privileged to be able to continue contributing to critical and essential projects. Our people are committed to providing these services in a safe and responsible way. We have implemented rigorous HSE controls and procedures to keep our teams, clients, communities, and the public safe while meeting or exceeding all national and regional health recommendations. By working responsibly, we can protect our crews, our clients, and the general public. To learn more about the details of our COVID-19 response plan, please contact us at or click here.

This crisis is dynamic, and as it changes we must be responsive. Daily, we are facing new challenges and we are working hard to do the right thing. We believe that through collaboration with colleagues, clients, competitors and industry, we can best manage this crisis and build industry resilience – please do reach out to us. We know we will be stronger when this is done.

James Sharp,
CEO ConeTec Group

In-situ Testing

Mud Bay has years of experience deploying various in-situ testing systems. We have developed custom equipment and methodologies to increase both data quality and production efficiency during operation of our in-situ testing systems.


Test Types Available

  • CPTu Deployment (including Seismic, Resistivity, UVIF, UVOST, Gamma, MIP, HPT)
  • Vane Shear Testing (digital electric and Nilcon)
  • Pressuremeter Testing (PMT) including both self-bore and pre-bore options: Menard type, Texam, Boremac and Cambridge Self-Boring 6-arm
  • Dilatometer Testing (DMT)
  • Packer Testing (Datalogging systems available for flow and pressure)
  • SPT and LPT
  • DCPT and various DPT methods
  • All penetration type testing/sampling utilize calibrated automatic hammers
  • MARL eSPT system
  • Iso-flow Testing
  • Instrumented Becker Penetration Testing (iBPT)

Geotechnical Sampling

Mud Bay offers all types of geotechnical sampling equipment. Whether your project requires recovery in soft overburden soils or coring underlying bedrock, we can provide a sampling system to meet the demands of the subsurface conditions on site.


Sampling Systems Available

  • Sonic coring (3” to 8” core barrels)
  • Thin Wall Tube Undisturbed Sampling: Piston and Push-in methods, Sharpened and Standard tip, stainless or galvanized steel tubes
  • Hydraulic, Mechanical and Pneumatic fixed piston undisturbed samplers
  • Penetration Sampling (SPT, LPT)
  • Pitcher Sampling
  • Diamond Drill Coring (BQ, NQ, HQ, PQ)
  • MOSTAP sampling
  • Instrumented Becker Penetration Testing (iBPT)
  • MARL eSPT system
  • Other various custom-built sampling systems
  • Specialty soft soil and slurry samplers (mine tailings and marine sediment sampling solutions)

Environmental Sampling

Mud Bay has a selection of systems available for collecting environmental samples of soil or groundwater.


Sampling Systems Available

  • Direct push water sampling (Hydropunch and Waterloo profiling)
  • Direct push soil sampling (for either continuous or discrete, targeted samples)
  • Sonic water sampling tip 
  • Sonic coring (3” to 8” core barrels)
  • High-resolution site profiling systems available: UVOST, UVIF, MIP, HPT, Conductivity, Gamma (also can be coupled with the CPTu)
  • Full decontamination equipment available

Safety, Quality And People Are
At Our Core

We believe in leading by example, especially when it comes to safety. Our people—and our culture—reflect this belief in every environment we work in. We have a strong HSE program and a staff entrenched in a productive culture of safety. Our entire team works together to uphold our standards and ensure safety across all operations.